3 Easy Steps to Achieve the Perfect Pout

3 Easy Steps to Achieve the Perfect Pout

Achieving full + succulent lips is heavily desired in today’s society. However, many have yet to know that beautiful lips can be easily enhanced and created at home. Don’t sacrifice your wallet for expensive, short term fixes, or give your lips up to harmful, painful injections. Here at PBE, we have created a simple guide to achieving your most desirable lips. In just three steps, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with your full, nourished + revitalized lips.

Start off by Getting Rid of Dry, Dead Skin Cells

The first step to achieving a perfect pout is removing any dead skin that may be resting on your lips. Ensuring this step is taken first is crucial, as applying any other products such as lip balm over dry + flaky lips will only add to the existing problem. Lip scrubs are ideal for smooth, soft lips as the particles they are created with are designed to exfoliate, and slough off dry, flaky pieces. 

Our all-natural, Rose Mint Lip Scrub is perfect for floral and mint lovers. This lip scrub captures its fresh scent from pure rose petals and peppermint oil. It delivers a cooling effect that helps to soothe your lips in seconds while removing flaky pieces from the skin. For those who prefer a more ethereal scent, look no further as our Lavender Lust Lip Scrub is also made to deliver the same exfoliating magic. Your inner flower child will love this scrub since lavender is a popular floral aroma that promotes relaxation. All handcrafted lip scrubs are packaged in eco-friendly materials so you can allow your creativity to flow and get inspired by reusing our jars in creative ways.

The benefits of exfoliating your lips are endless as they will even help you get the most out of your lip balms + butters and even lipsticks The moisturizing agents from your lip balms will better absorb into your skin when properly exfoliated, leaving you with hydrated lips for long periods of time. 

Venture Out, and Discover the Many Benefits of Lip Masks

Lip masks are often overlooked as many believe they are a waste of money and time, or they’re simply not familiar with the magic these hydrating products can deliver. Lip masks are created in a variety of forms including sheets, dry formulas that activate when mixed with water, and even simple clays and gels. No matter how your lip masks are created, they all carry similar benefits, and that is to give you soft, smooth, + revitalized lips. 

Posh Beauty Essentials is in full swing to create high quality, hydrating lip masks that will be the perfect add on to your lip care routine. We strive to ensure our Bare Members have access to products that fit their lifestyle, which is why our lip masks will be created in three different forms: a dry mask that activates when mixed with water, and for your convenience, ready to use gel and clay-based masks. As always, each product will be created with special attention and care so you can be at peace and stay bare. 

Lock in Moisture and Leave your Lips Feeling Relaxed with a Nourishing Lip Butter

Lip Butters are often confused with lip balms as they provide similar benefits. While both help to soften the lips, balms are considered more of a medical ointment to resolve skin issues such as cracked lips. Lip Butters are used more often for nourishing benefits and almost always have the potential to include specially formulated ingredients to aid in your lip care.  

Lip Butters have the magic to give off a gentle glow to the lips, making your pout appear even healthier. Here at PBE, we recommend you pair our bare Lip Scrubs with our uniquely formulated Lip Butters for an unbelievable, smooth look. The nourishment and slight glossiness of our Lip Butters will effortlessly complete your perfect pout, so you can let loose, and allow your free-spirited self to run wild with confidence. 

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