3 Ways to Incorporate Lemon into your Beauty Routine

3 Ways to Incorporate Lemon into your Beauty Routine

As we all know, lemons add a delicious, zesty touch to our meals, snacks, and drinks. Though what you might not realize is that lemons can be incorporated into your beauty routine to give you a fresh + radiant appearance. Here at PBE, we want you to embrace the health and beauty benefits of this magical fruit which is why we have compiled three easy ways for you to achieve a brighter look. 

Promote Hair Growth + Achieve a Sun-Kissed Appearance

There is no doubt lemon is a miracle fruit as it is rich in Vitamin C, but did you know they have the ability to promote strong hair growth? Because lemons are packed with a powerful healing vitamin, it promotes collagen production and as a result, hair growth is ensured. Mixing pure lemon juice with other natural ingredients such as aloe vera gel can help defeat fungal growth on the scalp while also fight against hair loss. As for your sun-kissed look, lemon stimulates the sun’s natural hair lightening abilities. Using your fingers or comb, brush pure lemon juice into your hair. After half an hour of sitting in the sun (don’t forget to wear sunscreen) your hair will be visibly lighter. So, live by the sun and experience the healing + brightening properties a simple lemon can give to your luscious locks.

Cleanse your Soul with Lemon Water

Natural beauty exudes from within. This is why it is so important to cleanse your body and soul with beneficial ingredients that work to keep you feeling fresh + healthy. Similar to directly applying lemon juice to your hair/body, consuming it will also increase the amount of collagen you have in your skin. Vitamin C in the lemon will fight off toxins, resulting in fewer wrinkles and breakouts. Simply fill your glass up with water, add ice if you’d like, and squeeze in some fresh lemon juice. For an extra zesty flavor or a more photographic appearance, leave the lemon peels inside the water and place another on the rim of the glass. Drinking lemon water

consistently will release a glow to your skin to enhance your bare beauty while also comforting your soul.


Stay Bright with the Natural Lightening Effects of Lemons

Juice is like a natural bleach for your body, only more subtle. The ingredient is commonly used to lighten up dark areas on the skin such as knees and elbows. As it can be effective and even a miracle for some who experience hyperpigmentation, it is important to use it carefully. Because of the strong acidic level, applying lemon juice to dark areas on your skin directly should always be followed up with a moisturizer. This will prevent your skin from becoming too dry. It is also important to stay out of sunlight for a few hours after the lemon is applied as it may cause sensitivity and irritation. When done properly, using lemon as a natural skin brightener can deliver beautiful results and an even skin tone. What are you waiting for? Think brighter + run wild with your new radiant glow.

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