A Brilliant Way to Reuse your PBE Glass Jars

A Brilliant Way to Reuse your PBE Glass Jars

In the spirit of living sustainably, PBE is here to help you create a zero-waste environment at

home. Recycling is extremely important in combating the world’s current climate crisis as it

helps to reduce carbon emissions, raw material consumption, energy use, and waste.


Add a little light and illumination into your life with these handcrafted and peaceful candles.

Once you have completed your exfoliating PBE lip scrub, it is time to craft! This is a creative way to reuse and recycle any empty containers you have.

This creation is wholesome + earthy project you can do with your loved ones. Candles are a beautiful symbol of positive vibes, peace, and serenity. This all-natural and sustainable DIY is a great way to keep Posh Beauty Essentials on your shelf! You can keep the PBE label on or easily peel it off to transform these handcrafted candles into the perfect gift or accessory to add to your universe. This is the perfect DIY to give your glass jar a new life.

What you need:

-One package of candle making soy wax

-One package of large candle wicks

-One empty PBE lip scrub container

-Two pencils or chopsticks

-One spatula

-Microwave safe container

-One bottle of fragrance oil



1. Once you have purchased the following materials from your local craft store we may

begin! First pour a full package of candle making soy wax into a microwave safe bowl.

Then put it in the microwave for 90 seconds or until fully melted.

2. Use a spatula to stir the hot wax to ensure there are no unmelted chunks of wax. Now

you may pour in your fragrance oil (I used lavender) until you reach the desired scent.

3. Grab your clean and empty PBE lip scrub and place the large candle wick in the

container. Gently pour the hot wax into the PBE container until it is full. You may add

flower petals, food coloring, etc. to brighten up the candle

Make sure to tag us @poshbeautyessentials after you create your very own candle

-Peace and Love, The Bare family

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