Bored During Quarantine? Let’s Tie-Dye!

Bored During Quarantine? Let’s Tie-Dye!

We could all use some positive vibes while being stuck at home, and Posh Beauty Essentials is here to help! That is why we have handcrafted a sustainable and colorful DIY to liven up your closet!  

This all-natural craft is the perfect way to repurpose any old wardrobe piece, and your creative free-spirited style will shine through! At PBE, we are extremely conscious of our environmental impact, as we use recyclable packaging for our luxurious lip products.

Not only is this turmeric dye eco-friendly, but just like a beautiful evening sunset, this radiates bright shades of orange and yellow. Posh Beauty Essentials is here to help you cultivate inner peace during these stressful times!

These tie-dye designs are simple and can be created with items you already have! There’s no stress when using simple vegetables or seasonings, and it’s fun to experiment with all the different combinations of these vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. 

Share this creative idea with a friend by tagging them on social media or even creating a shirt with them via FaceTime because we could all use a little more positivity and love.

Turmeric Tie-DyeWhat you need: 

-Cotton or linen fabric (I used a white tank top)

 -2 cups of white vinegar

 -8 cups of water-¼ cup Turmeric 

-Rubber bands

 -Large metal pot 


1.Pour 8 cups of water and 2 cups of white vinegar into a large metal pot. Turn the heat on medium. 

2.Dampen the cotton/linen fabric and place it into hot water and vinegar bath. Let the fabric sit in the water for 1 hour while stirring throughout. 

3.After the hour, gently pour out the water and take out the fabric. 

4.Wrap multiple rubber bands around the fabric. I did a traditional spiral tie-dye, so I laid the shirt out and began twirling the fabric where I wanted the spiral to be, and wrapped the shirt into a circle. I then secured this formation with rubber bands. 

5.Prepare the large metal pot with 12 cups of water and ¼ cup of turmeric.

6.Now place the fabric with rubber bands into the turmeric and water mixture. Let this sit for a minimum of 1 hour.

7.After a few hours, drain the water and take the rubber bands off of the fabric. Gently wash the shirt with cold water.

8. Let the shirt air dry or place in the dryer on low heat.  Thank you for crafting with PBE! You will have a sun-kissed glow in this tie-dye design even at home.

Remember to stay trendy and bare!

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