Choosing Lip Care Products That Are Right For You

Choosing Lip Care Products That Are Right For You

There are dozens of different types of lip care products out there, making it hard to know which one is best for you. We are all original in our spirit and DNA, and you deserve to have products that are tailored to your needs! As with any skin care product, you may have to do a bit of research + try a few types out before you find the perfect one that fits with your chi, but don’t stress, PBE’s got you covered! We’ve done the research so you don’t have to + we have put it together in a nice, easy-to-read list Just for you.

Lip Balms

Lip balms are probably the most common type of lip care that people think of. It can either come in a small, convenient tube or jar. Lip balms help to keep your lips moisturized when applied daily. This especially comes in handy during the cold winter months when our lips need some extra care + love. Some can even help give your lips an extra layer of protection from the sun if they contain SPF (which we need all year round). Lip balms are usually waxy but go on smooth + can stay on for hours at a time, depending on the strength of the formula. When talking about ingredients every lip balm is different, but a lot of brands use paraffin, petroleum jelly, cetyl alcohol + beeswax to create their products, which means that they’re not vegan. If you are looking for more natural products that also help out small businesses, there are many companies that have their own vegan lip balms or, if you prefer to make your own, there are some great recipes online that use all-natural, eco- friendly products that leave your lips feeling hydrated + revitalized. Lip balms can cost anywhere from $1 to $70, with most vegan lip balms falling within the $12 range, and can be found in most drugstores + online.

Perfect for: Basic lip care + moisturization

Lip Oils

Lip oils are a lot like lip glosses, but do so much more for your lips. They keep lips shiny, but hydrated. And, if you buy a tinted lip oil, it can give your lips color so you don’t have to damage the health of your lips by wearing synthetic lipsticks or lip glosses. This way, you can still feel amazing during a night out knowing that your lips are protected by jojoba (a plant from Southwestern USA) + coconut oils. Lip oils are a bit more on the expensive side, with prices averaging about $25, but most are vegan + they come in countless different scents + shades. Many lip oils arrive in glass or plastic containers with lip gloss-like applicators, but they can also come with a droplet top. Once again, there is always the option of finding a recipe to make your own environmentally-safe lip oils using ingredients around the house + even reusing old containers to put it in. Click here to see our previous blog post about how to make candles using your old PBE jars!

Perfect for: Hydrating your lips with a splash of color

Lip Serums

While aging is something we embrace and cherish, we want to help you with keeping your lips healthy which will in turn make them appear young and vibrant. Lip serums do just that, with the help of fatty oils + hyaluronic acid. But don’t worry, there is no specific age when it comes to using lip serums, or any lip products for that matter; it is never too early to start caring about the health of your lips! Compared to lip balms, lip serums actually have smaller molecules, so you can be sure that your lips are absorbing every last bit of the serum. Lip serums are usually packaged in small tubes + all you have to do is apply the serum to your lips like you would with a lotion. It’s that simple

Perfect for: More intensive lip care + those who want products with anti-aging properties.

Lip Butters

Contrary to the name, lip butters aren’t made from actual butter, even though they may feel like they are. Like lip serums, lip butters have a lotion-like consistency, making it easy to apply with just your hands or a small spatula, if you prefer. Lip butters moisturize your lips + keep dryness away, because many of them (including PBE’s own lip butters) contain shea butter. Depending on the size of the lip butter container, smaller lip butters can cost anywhere from $6 to $14, while bigger, more expensive lip butters can cost upwards of $22. Our lip butters at PBE cost just $12 + they come in fun scents that are tinted to match the color of the scent, such as our lavender and matcha lip butters. They also come in cute, travel-sized jars that you can take with you anywhere. The best part about our lip butters? The ingredient list is simple + all of our butters are all- natural, vegan, paraben free + cruelty free.

Perfect for: Those who want their lips to be as smooth as butter


Lip Scrubs

Last, but definitely not least, are lip scrubs. Lip scrubs are a little different than the other products on this list in terms of texture. Instead of feeling like wax or lotion, lip scrubs tend to feel like sugar crystals on your lips. Also, unlike other lip care products, most lip scrubs aren’t meant to stay on your lips for long + should be wiped off after being massaged into your lips for a few seconds. Doing this removes dead skin from your lips but doesn’t necessarily moisturize them, which is where lip balms + butters come in handy, which is explained in our Perfect Pout blog post. The cost of lip scrubs vary, but are mostly between $5 and $29. Ours cost just $28.99, but rest assured, you will get many, many uses out of them. Like our lip butters, our lip scrubs come in different scents like lavender, matcha green tea and rose mint + they also come in sets with their accompanying lip butters!

Perfect for: Putting some love back into your lips

Hopefully this list helps to give you a better idea of the different products that will fit your personalized needs. Comment below if this list has inspired you to try a new form of lip care + tell us how it went!


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