How To Deal with Anxiety + Depression in a Positive and Healthy Way

How To Deal with Anxiety + Depression in a Positive and Healthy Way

Feelings of Anxiety + Depression can overcome us even when we feel everything is okay. Both of these emotions have heightened in us all recently as we have had to face many hardships this past year. The beautiful thing is that there are ways to cope with these unfavorable feelings so that you can be free and flourish in happiness. Three of our favorite methods for raising positive vibrations are yoga, music, and meditation. These are empowering ways to improve your health + they can even raise your spirits! We want to wrap you in love and compassion as we share the benefits of these 3 wonders;

  1. Yoga:

Practicing yoga encompasses many benefits like lowering stress, heart rate, and blood pressure. Research has shown that yoga treats anxiety + depression, which is why it has become increasingly popular over the years. Yoga also comes in many forms and styles, so there is something tailored to what you enjoy. You can do yoga from your home by investing in yoga books, researching online, or even taking online virtual yoga classes. If you like in-person yoga classes, you can always enjoy a class at your local studio. Classes can be gentle and accommodating to your mental health, while others can be more physical an


d challenging for your body. Yoga acts as a natural self-soothing technique touching your soul and relaxing your body through movements and breath. By practicing yoga, you are reducing your stress and anxiety. Yoga practice is essential to properly balance out your stress levels and becoming more grounded and one with Mother Earth. Take time out of your week to give your body + mind the essential nutrients it needs to fuel lasting positivity throughout the day and week.

  1. Music

During this pandemic, it is easy to overthink and to worry about things out of our control. This can leave us feeling depleted of our natural self and can become exhausting. Music is an amazing way to reduce stress + relieve tension. Music therapy can restore inner peace and energy while helping us gain back our sense of self as we are connecting with lyrics, sounds, and feelings. Studies have shown that music therapy is an excellent and effective way to decrease anxiety, improve self-esteem, and also increase motivation. Music affects you on a deep cellular level as it decreases hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Too much of these can leave you feeling exhausted + can cause negative health benefits long term. It is important to stay in tune with your body. Be a patient listener to what you need and fuel yourself with goodness and music.

  1. Meditation:

Mindfulness Meditation can increase our awareness + help us focus on the present moment without worrying about our past or future. This can help us tune out our distractions + enhance our focus. Next time you are feeling anxious or overcome with stress, take a moment to speak to your inner-self. With compassion, tell yourself that you are okay. You are breathing and safe. You can meditate like this, being self-aware and in a busy situation. You can also meditate in a comfortable position while you focus on breathing when you have some time to yourself. While doing this, focus on the present without letting your thoughts drift to the past or the future. Meditation can be done anywhere and at any time. You are the keeper of your mind, so keep it safe, healthy, and nourished with love.


There are many challenges that we have to adapt to. It’s okay and natural to feel stressed + anxious. We have these practices to incorporate into our daily life to help with our mental health. Try these out the next time you are feeling anxious or depressed. Stay safe and take care.


-Our PBE Team

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