Manifest your Dreams with a Vision Board

Manifest your Dreams with a Vision Board

Posh Beauty Essentials wants our bare customers to connect with the universe through manifestation and the law of attraction. A great way to begin this self-love practice is by visualizing your free-spirited dreams. PBE is here to help you manifest your dream life by creating a vision board. 

Vision boards are extremely powerful, especially when it is made with peace, love, and positive vibes. These boards are unique to your own personality and can consist of a collage of pictures and words that mirror your dreams, inspirations, and what makes you happy.

Manifestation is a time of self-care, visualization, goal setting, being present, appreciative, and willing to receive all the universe has to offer. This was an important component for manifesting all the beauty behind the products of Posh Beauty Essentials.

First off, we will begin by collecting pictures and words that truly connect with your soul. Once you have gathered every colorful and inspirational image, you may begin to print these out or cut them out of a magazine. Next, you will glue them onto a plain piece of paper or poster board.

You may choose to collage all the pictures or take a more organized approach by labeling each image with your exact intention, such as “dream home,” “dream job,” “place to travel,” etc.

After you have completed pasting down your images, it is time to write down your affirmations that represent how you will feel once you achieve the goals on the board. These magical words can be written down on the board or in a journal. This should be a time of solitude with your thoughts as you truly embody the happiness from your beautiful vision board.

As time passes, be sure to check in with your vision board to ensure you are still on the path you are manifesting!

With peace and love, PBE

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