Raise your Vibrations with PBE

Raise your Vibrations with PBE


Feeling dull, stuck, or stressed? Don’t worry these are completely normal feelings to be experiencing in the midst of a pandemic. Posh Beauty Essentials is here to help raise your vibrations!

JOURNAL The practice of journaling will help to release your emotions and to shift your mindset. You may begin by writing a list of everything you are grateful for and continuing to write down your affirmations and manifestations.


A key to raising your vibrations is through movement. Yoga is a mental, physical, and spiritual restorative way to cleanse your body. A great way to stay zen is by following up your yoga practice with a deep meditation of focusing on the breath.


The art of singing + dancing can open your chakras and leave you feeling cleansed and balanced. Putting on your favorite music is the perfect emotional tune-up and a beautiful way to release some steam. A few of PBE’s recommendations for artists are Jorja Smith, Anthony Hamilton, Moonchild, Leon Bridges, and Lyfe Jennings. 


Essential oils are proven to ease stress and pain and overall boost the mood. That is why PBE has incorporated these aromatherapy oils into the luxurious Lip Scrubs and Butters collection to help heal not only the outside of the body but also the inside.


Another way to reduce stress and to get your blood flowing is by walking in nature. This can be used as a time alone with your thoughts and to ground yourself within nature. There is so much beauty out there to be explored!


The act of expression is powerful in helping people through turbulent times. Any form of creativity, such as painting, pottery, and drawing can help on your free-spirited journey to self-love and happiness. You may want to take some time to color in the PBE coloring book.

Stay bare and continue to spread your love, positive vibes, and gratitude.

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