The Secret Beauty Remedy You Have Been Missing

The Secret Beauty Remedy You Have Been Missing
Our Customer Favorite: Match Green Tea Lip Scrub

With your busy schedule, life may be taking a great toll on your lively spirit, which is why self-care and relaxation is extremely important. Taking one day out of the week and allowing your body to replenish can be highly beneficial to building a healthy + balanced lifestyle.

Dedicating a spa day to yourself may be the greatest gift you could give to your body and soul. Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars at a luxury center, here at PBE we have put together a few gifts from mother nature to release your spiritual side and experience the ultimate spa day.

Let Love Grow with Rose Petals

Rose Petal Baths appear luxurious sprinkled in bath water, and are often seen as a romantic gesture. However, it certainly does not mean you can’t enjoy one by yourself on a standard day. Gathering fresh rose petals and relaxing in a peaceful, warm bath is what you deserve to enhance the self-love you have for yourself. Rose Petals in your bath not only look stunning, but they also provide healing properties such as soothing irritated skin and promoting a smoother appearance.

While your soul is at peace in your fresh rose petal bath, reward your lips with a scrub. PBE has the perfect rose mint lip scrub to pair with your rose petal bath. The natural oils found in rose petals help retain moisture while the pure peppermint oil will provide a cooling effect and will leave your lips feeling refreshed and revitalized. During this time, not only is the skin on your body being nourished, but also the delicate skin on your lips.

Enhance Your Naturally Beautiful Lips with a Lip Butter

Give your lip scrub a best friend by pairing them with our cruelty-free Lip Butters. Similar to our lip scrubs, our all-natural, vegan Lip Butters will provide the nourishment your lips will love. PBE is fully aware that no two people are the same, which is why we currently offer our Lip Butters in two heavenly styles including our Matcha Green Tea Tinted Lip Butter + Lavender Tinted Lip Butter. The naturally moisturizing ingredients they are created with such as cocoa and shea butter are gentle, yet effective. Both are handcrafted and made to protect your lips and our earth.

Let Loose with Good Vibes and Soulful Artists

Who doesn’t love music? Your spa day should be filled with channeling your inner free spirit and connecting with your soul. Music is powerful, as their melodies and lyrics have the ability to influence our mood + actions.

PBE believes everyone should promote their well-being, and what better way is there than to expose your vibrant spirit to some free mediational soundtracks. One of the best and most popular places to stream music is through Spotify; the Meditation Ambience and Peaceful Meditation playlists will promote calmness and ease your mind, so sit back, and allow your mind to wander and explore the music for ultimate relaxation. Stay tuned as on of our upcoming blogs will feature a soulful artist playlist that we have cultivated with you in mind. Perfect for any moment and make them magical.

Explore with Lavender Scented Candles

Lavender is a beloved floral aroma as it works as an anxiolytic, or an anxiety reliever. This is why it is commonly used in aromatherapy, to increase relaxation and calmness in tense individuals. Placing lavender scented candles around any dim lighted room will deliver the most peaceful, and some may even say magical experience.

As lavender is a very popular candle scent, it can easily be found at your local department and drugstore. There is no doubt these candles will deliver tranquility and be the perfect addition to your at-home spa day.


Finally, pair this calming scent around your room with our Lavender Lust Lip Scrub + Lavender Tinted Lip Butter to intensify your love for this alluring floral aroma.

Have you used any of our products listed above? If so, comment below and let us know how well it helped calm and relax you while you completed your self-care routine.

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