Community Partnerships 

POSH Beauty Essentials has partnered with Blessing Box LA to provide community members who reside in Southern Los Angeles, experiencing hard times, with daily necessities.  BBLA's main goals are to end community deterioration, to fill the unmet needs of South LA residents, and to foster community participation. Michelle ran across this special box filled with items like dish soap, detergent, deodorant, masks, snacks, socks, and knew she needed to contact Shinay Watts, Founder of Blessing Box immediately to learn more about the program. This box is restocked on a daily basis and is open 24-hours a day for all members of the community free of charge.

Blessing Box is filled with donations from neighbors like you, PBE, and Shinay Watts. Because this box is open all day with free access to everyone, Shinay does ask community members to pay it forward by donating whatever they can, so she can continue to fill the box up for people in need. The blessing box is located between Slauson Ave and Arlington Ave in Los Angeles, CA. 

Blessing boxes are a 24-hour immediate resource for those without a home, displaced, or struggling. I want these boxes not only to contain materials to keep you safe and healthy physically but also foster community conversation, to encourage asking, inspire the youth, a spot to story tell. We don't accept the narrative given to us and this community takes care of each other.


Just by purchasing a product with PBE, you are donating to this very special cause. But if you would like to go over and beyond,

please visit BBOXLA's Amazon wishlist