Frequently asked questions

How are your Lip Scrubs made?

POSH Lip Scrubs are hand crafted in small batches. All Lip Scrubs are made in the USA

Are your products edible?

POSH Lip Scrubs are natural, but due to strict FDA regulations, we do not advertise our products as being edible. Our products are safe for everyone in your home to use. It won't hurt to lick access scrub off from your lips, but we do not encourage consumption of our product.

I purchased two of the same flavor Lip Scrubs and the color is a little different. Why is that?

Since POSH Lip Scrubs are made by hand in small batches, they may look slightly different from a previous order and maybe even from the same batch. Every product is unique. At POSH Beauty Essentials we can ensure you, the quality and greatness of all of our products are the same!

How many times a week should I use Lip Scrub?

POSH Lip Scrubs are made up of natural ingredients and is used to lightly exfoliate and moisten the skin. You can use our Lip Scrubs as little or as much as you like!

Can I return a products?

POSH Beauty Essentials does not allow returns but we do allow exchanges. Please visit our Returns Policy for more infromtion.

What does lip Scrubs do?

POSH Lip Scrubs lightly exfoliates dry flaky skin. It also conditions leaving a smooth, clean feeling.

Do I need to refrigerate your products?

No, but since our products are made up of all natural oils, you do need to keep products in a cool-dry area.

Are your products vegan?

Yes, All of our Products are vegan.



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